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With our payroll services...

you're guaranteed accuracy or we will pay the fees.

What is included?


24-hour Direct Deposit

Calculate employee paychecks

Calculate and file year-end forms

Fast, unlimited payroll runs

Payroll taxes done for you

Same day Direct Deposit

Free W-2s filed and sent for you

Assisted payroll setup

Continuous Support

No-penalty guarantee

Why Choose Zielinski & Company


       Quick and reliable results

       Our services are more affordable than competitors

       We offer multiple services for your business needs

       We implement innovative thinking and processes into all of our services


At Zielinski & Co. it is our job to provide you and your business with results beyond your original expectations within a time frame that may seem unreasonable to most. We understand that business is a time sensitive world and we thrive on delivering exceptional outcomes to our clients.

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As a business consultant, we focus on delivering quantifiable results for our customers, based on a well tested methodology and solid experience.

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