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Zielinski & Co. ---- The right people, The right organization & Vast experience ---- making us the best business consulting agency for driving lasting change. Founded in 2019, CEO Connor Zielinski graduated the University of Central Florida with a Bachelors in Finance and created Zielinski & Company to help other businesses prosper through his passion of helping others. Our success is won through providing desired results to our clients. To obtain higher performance, Our leaders first identify the critical obstacles to forward progress and then develop a coherent approach to overcoming them. We define your company mission and prioritize

company objectives.

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We create solutions for your

Our Mission

Bring the highest of quality and innovative solutions to create a lasting transformation, shaping the future together.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create an ever lasting positive impact on businesses around the world resulting in success for all involved.

Our Strategies

The team at Zielinski & Company is continuously creating new and innovative strategies to positively affect businesses that we work with daily. 


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up with our experts

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As a business consultant, we focus on delivering quantifiable results for our customers, based on a well tested methodology and solid experience.

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